Grogginess Gone!

Who am I even updating?  

I think these past few days I did indeed, have a head cold.  But I’m really happy it inspired me to eat just the teensiest bit healthier.

Friday I went to yet another beer garden.  Earlier I went to a celebration for a non profit I’d been working with, and a lovely, elderly man helped me parallel park my rav4 really close to the restaurant.  Bless his soul! I had just gotten the car fixed of all its scratches and dents (from all the other times I attempted to parallel park it.)  Anyway the celebration was not what we had hoped it would be and so we decided to go to Bohemian Hall in Astoria, one of the oldest beer gardens in NY.  It was really chill and we kept noticing everyone bopping around with these over-sized headphones on their head.  Turns out they were ‘silent clubbing’, so we had to rent some headphones and see what all the fuss was about.

It was pretty comical to watch everyone dancing with no audible music playing, and such a strange experience.  You could choose one of three DJs to listen to. There was an Top 40 type station, an EDM station, and an Old school station.  I personally switched between the old school and Top 40, though mostly the old school because I am in such a phase right now where all I want to listen to is old school R&B.  I was never an EDM person, but when parts of the crowd would jump on the dance floor, I switched my station over to join in.  Really bizarre clubbing experience, but at least I can say that I have done it.

The grogginess is gone! Instead of a sluggish feeling this morning I am just tired, but it is an improvement! Shoutout to the kale smoothie I made yesterday to trick myself into getting some nutrients. And the sliders I bought from GoJane conveniently called ‘Not So Granola’ that make me feel like a 90s hippie grunge wannabe all at once. Which is not the case. I am just your run of the mill, millenial bandwagoner who is a slave to the trend (but in no way a hardcore bandwagoner bc I bought dupes and not the real thing.)

If Dawn Schafer from the Baby Sitter’s club were around today, she’d probably be sipping green smoothies and wearing birks too. Yet another sign of the young mentality where we boast innovation but really are a bunch of copycats. More 90’s romanticization. I’ll admit its another thing I’m a victim of but not as uncalled for since I did experience seven years before Y2K. I was but a mere babe in the 90s but let me tell you their teen movie selection was a lot more fluff than ~~*drama*~~ and I adore it. I write a whole list of things I miss from the 90s, but most likely someone funnier and more certified has already published one on BuzzFeed.

I do not think I have ever experienced a hangover. In books, whenever the main character has a neglectful parent who boozes up every other night, the children take caution and do not disturb the parent for an entire day. On TV, hangovers are used for comic relief and people will be moaning and groaning around town.

After a heavy night of drinking, I am usually queasy in the mornings or tired, both which have obvious biological causes- I was up late and alcohol tends to upset the stomach, no? Anyway, I never bothered to ask anyone. My mother is a firm believer in social drinking or just pretending to, and my sister is on the opposite spectrum (hangovers for her are like the neglectful parents in my book: a full day affair.)

Monday night before my sister left to shack up with her fiance, she took me out to a beer garden in Astoria because 1) it will be the last legitimate time we can hang out before I go back to school and 2) she likes me a lot more now that I’m legal.

It was a fun night of calling out our parents on their parenting practices and talking about exes (she has 5, I have 1. But I still kept up.). It was a bit chilly out, I drank a lot more than I thought I would, and when I got home I downed a whole water bottle and knocked out. The next morning I felt groggy and gross but I chalked it up to all the crap I just put in my body. It is now 3 days later and I still feel the grogginess waking up. Is it summer sickness? I have a stuffy nose waking up and its the worst. Either way, I will get down to the bottom of this. The logical thing would be to lay off the drinking- except I have a 21st Birthday to attend this Saturday and then I’m checking out another beer garden this Sunday. So… next week??

Empty Fridge Woes and other Pathetic Tales

This morning I woke up to three separate dilemmas, all involving food

  1. I am feeling slightly sick.  Its a combination of feeling nauseous and fevery and groggy all at once. (I am attributing the cause of sickness to my diet of burgers and fries and sugar, because I RARELY get sick.  This must be my body’s idea of a wake-up call)
  2. I am also feeling pudgy.  This isn’t a case of body dysmorphia, more like a green case of the #tbt.  As in I just saw a photo of me this time last summer and I was toned and fit, not struggling to fit in my high waisted shorts
  3. There is no food in my fridge.  This is no joke.  This is a cry for help.

I actually complained about all of these issues to my sister last night before she took off for Arizona to vacation with her fiancee.  I was venting about feeling sick and having nothing to eat in the house, let alone nothing healthy to eat.  She asked me why I was so helpless.  Which got me a little angry, but I had to agree nonetheless.  So I woke up a little more determined than yesterday to jumpstart my health (and helplessness :/)  

These little inner monologues I’m having in my head felt necessary to jot down somewhere, so here they are.  Stay tuned…